Friday, December 16, 2016

Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

A fascinating and intriguing work or art. Follows the Book of Revelation in the Bible better than some study guides do because Tim and Jerry have written in a way the reader can "see" the events of the Book of Revelation in action. Scary, too.

In the first volume LEFT BEHIND, we get a very clear picture of what chaos the Rapture of the Church will leave behind when the Lord comes for His Church and takes them all away. This is scary. This chapter makes the mind of those concerned about their souls begin to analyse their relationship with God.

Also, in the first chapter, we get the necessary explanation for "how to be saved to avoid being left behind".

I've already read the entire selection except for the book detailing Carpathia's life before he became the "Beast" Revelation talks about.

People, I urge you to read this with a prayer on your lips asking the Lord to open your mind, heart and understanding so you can be sure to miss the tribulation that follows the Rapture.

The Bible is our preparation tool put here by God inspiring men to write the book so we could know him and how to avoid hell. It is so simple. If you are having trouble understanding the Bible, find someone you trust that can help you. Your soul is the most important thing second only to the Lord, himself. Nothing else matter in the long run. Whatever you have to do is small compared to the agony Jesus suffered when he died for you on that cross. God is a loving God or he would not have went through all of the trouble of making a way for you to miss hell and live forever with the Father in heaven. Time is running out.

Someone once said to me when I responded with the age-old answer to their trying to get me saved:
Which would you rather have happen? You stand before the judgement seat of Christ without salvation or stand before Him with salvation? Think about it. Everything you say and do and every place you go is written in a book. Yes, it does seem impossible. But with God all things are possible.

The end is near. Read the Left Behind Series.

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Last Days as spoken about in the Bible

Jesus gave many signs to let us know when we have reached the Last Days before the second coming of the Lord Jesus. War, rumours of wars, hurricanes and other bad weather, earthquakes and other disasters...He also said that in the last days people would be striving for pleasure and money and forgetting about love--love for family and neighbors.

In what age have you heard about so many wars? Sure we've had them since the world began, but today it seems like there is a war in every country.

In what age have you heard about so many earthquakes and other disasters involving the weather and the earth? Today there have been earthquakes in places where earthquakes were not known to happen. Weather disasters taking lives and property no matter how well the person builds to protect.

In what age have you heard of so many families splitting up, wives killing husbands, husbands killing wives, children killing parents, parents killing children? Under this heading also goes the incidents in which children cause their parents to be picked up and jailed or put in prison and parents doing the same to their children. Children not working when they become adults, not taking care of the families they begin to build. So much killing, stealing, molestings, you name it, it has increased in numbers.

What's bad, really bad, are those who profess to be Christians who defraud their neighbors. Remember who our neighbors are by Christ's definition? For instance, a person runs a stop sign, hits a load of Pentecostal people coming home from church. The person's car is picked up by the law and held until a huge sum of money is paid. The Pentecostals all sue the person's insurance and gets a load of money. The Pentecostals' car is barely scratched, but they sue the insurance anyway. That's been a couple of years ago. Now they're rising up again wanting more money. Obviously, one of those people have begun suffering somewhat in their health and decided it was caused by that wreck years ago. Now they want more money.

If the professing Christians are doing such things to others how can we who really try to live according to what Jesus wants us to every convince anyone to give their lives to Jesus and serve God?  What happens to a lost person or even a saved person that is involved in such dealings with so-called Christians? They say, "If those people are Christians I want no part of church or God."

The sin comes in when you do things that do not bring glory to the Lord. Jesus came to this earth, allowed his body to be crucified, went through agony for each person who has lived, is living now, or will live in the future. Yet when an 'accident' happens, a Christian cannot be merciful to the one who caused it.

Accident means that something happens that someone has been unable to stop from happening or that happened causing complete surprise to all involved. It calls for mercy, forgiveness, which brings glory to God. It does not call for suing the person and/or the insurance. It does not call seeking ways to get money from other people in a hopefully get-rich-scheme. Does one doing these things against their neighbor really expect to spend eternity in the Lord's presence?

One needs to judge oneself before the Lord sits down on that Judgment Throne. Take the Bible and judge your own actions by whether you are living up to the standards God set in His Word.

People, the end is nearer than you think. With me, my soul living eternally with the Lord is the most important thing in my life. If I can't make it to heaven, there is no use living past today. I must make it to heaven because I can't think of going to hell. Therefore if one action I take says I must forgive someone who hits me with their automobile then I'll forgive them with God's help. I will not sue. I will not try to destroy anyone for mine or anyone else's sakes.

It will all stop when the Lord returns. Eternity will begin with the Rapture and the Lord catching away his children out of this earth. Then will those left behind suffer more than they dreamed possible. The days of tribulation will not be happy ones. First, those left behind have to come to terms with the fact that they missed out on going with the Lord simply because they did not accept the salvation of their souls that he provided for them. Secondly, they will be forced to take marks upon their hands and foreheads just to be able to eat and live a little longer. Those who decide to change and try to get saved will have their heads cut off. I understand the government has been collecting those quillotines for years now. That the countries that will go to Armegeddon have already started growing their horse armies. Yes, armies of horseriders. Read the Bible.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Proof of God

Paraphrasing what Muhammad Ali said once: If I held up this glass and said it made itself, no man made this glass, would you believe it? If I told you your clothes wove themselves you wouldn't believe it. If they didn't make themselves how did the moon, nature, stars, Jupiter and Mars make themselves. If no one planned and made them, how did they come into existence? [End of paraphrase]

A college professor once told her class that all this stuff was floating around in space and one day began clashing together until the earth was formed. So we are to believe that stuff floating around in space had enough intelligence to form earth, seas, oceans, animals, people...

That same college professor said there was a black hole in space and the most powerful telescope got a glimpse of something coming to it from the blackness beyond and it could have been...yes, you guessed it...the New Jerusalem.

Another professor claimed people got here by survival of the fittest as evolution occurred. If the fittest were to go out and destroy the weak in each stage of evolution, wouldn't the earth's  population be of strong bodies and conniving minds? Well, we do have the conniving minds. I guess in our generation the fittest decided to let the weakest live.

Another said that through evolution, the human's beginning was a cell in the sea which evolved until it climbed out on land, then grew into an ape from which people came. I ask you this: Do you see any half ape/half person running around? If it took thousands of years for this human to evolve then there would be specimens of each stage running around. Would have to be. Think about the passing of years...changes in things around you... The only stage that would be noticeable, I guess, is the stage where the ape evolved into the human. Mainly because the scientists have decided that each animal in the world was a part of that evolution.

All of these have loopholes, but one of my favorite ideas is a simple leaf on a tree, a bird in flight, the human body. A leaf grows from a tiny spot on a tree limb. In the case of trees, many leaves go through this process: sprouts from a bud on a plant, grows to its full size turning green, begins to look a bit swiveled and color turns from green to brown that signifies it is dying, then it falls from the plant. This comes regular every year. Who set up the laws that the one we call nature observes? Who put an instinct of survival in man and beast? Who built this complex body filled with blood veins, heart, lungs, flesh, all wrapped in a layer of tough skin and can take in air and exhale air to get oxygen that it needs to live? Who holds the bird in flight and has made it strong enough to resist gravity? Who made gravity that holds each of us on this earth and prevents us all from floating in space?

So many proofs out there that God really does exist that I can only believe the devil has blinded those who can't see them. Pray God will open your eyes and your understanding before its too late.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Lord is coming...

Can't you see Him! Are you ready??

Everyone all over the world is spending time the way they usually do. Sleeping, eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, working in field and office...Suddenly, the sky is so bright people must close their eyes. Radios world wide are going off the noise charts. Excitement, wonder and much fear fills the sounds and the atmosphere. One by one people open their eyes. They are awed by the fact that they can see in that so-bright brightness. Gazes raise toward heaven. There in the center of the brightest part, hovers a figure. It is robed in white, gold belt and sandals, gold crown upon dark hair, one hand hanging down by its side, the other stretches a long shiny scepter out over the world. Cries go up all over the world!

It's Jesus!
It's the Lord come back for His own!
It's an alien from another world!

People fall on their knees and faces. A gigantic rumbling shakes all earth. Everyone stares around them. And some faint.

For all around white beings rise up from opening graves. People lift off the ground as though they can fly. Gazes of those left behind follow the rising of the spirits to see them center around Jesus. All too soon they all disappear and the day is as though nothing had happened.

Many missed the sight because they were asleep, or in a mine deep in the earth, or in a cave exploring, or in any number of other places. Those who saw, knew what had happened. Many fainted. Many rested on their knees, heads bowed, tears flowing.

Are you ready? Then get ready. The Lord made it all so easy.

Repent--ask the Lord God to forgive you of all your sins: those you know about and those you don't remember.

Be baptized by immersion in the name of the Lord Jesus as he was baptized by John in Jordan.

Receive the Holy Ghost who will teach you the way to travel, remind you of Scriptures you've read when you need to rebuke evil, and otherwise help you stay out of sin.

The Bible says it like this: Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit...

The name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


The Bible says, "Lift up your heads for your redemption draws near." This is paraphrased scripture. Look "redemption" up in the Bible Concordance and see if you can find the Scripture that says that.

When things get rough, don't worry. The Lord travels this earth with you and sees it all.
When bad people prosper, don't worry. Their end is near.
When our loved ones die, don't worry if they are saved. They go to a better place.
When our loved ones die, and they have lived an unsaved life, don't worry. You can't save them now.
When finances run out, don't worry. The Lord owns everything and will help you.
When someone takes you to court and takes all that you own, give them your coat, too. The Lord
When someone verbally slaps you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. The Lord avenges his

In the far past, many of the Israelites scattered around the earth, moved to Israel. The Bible tells us this would happen and it did. The Bible says, too, that the Lord told the Jews he would return when they were able to say "Blessed be the one who comes in the name of the Lord." [Look it up.] I have always considered that movement back to Israel was the Jews saying "Blessed be the one who comes in the name of the Lord." If this is true, then...

Look up, people, your redemption is closer than you think.

Understanding the Bible

I am convinced that if one reads the Bible the Lord will open his/her understanding to the word.

1] Take it literally first.
2] thee = you; thou = your; thine = yours; ye = you and used also to refer to many people just like you is used to refer to many when a speaker is speaking to a group; there are others perhaps, but these are the basics.

The misconceptions that occur can cost a person their soul in the final judgement. For instance...once saved, always saved. Not so. The Bible says that there are some who have "returned to their vomit", meaning they have turned aside from following after the Lord and have returned to their lives of sin.

A big one that seems to be one of the  biggest traps the devil has set for humans is this: a loved one dies and the survivors say something like "He is watching over you, baby" to a surviving child or "Your husband is always with you, sister." But these are all wrong.

When a saved person dies they fall asleep in the Lord. There is no way that person will ever see anything else going on on this earth. Why? Because saved people are asleep until the Lord's return that we call the Rapture. Even after the Lord raises the Christians from the graves, those people cannot watch what is going on in this world. Simply because Heaven has nothing bad, no tears, no heartaches, no troubles...If the person were able to walk as a ghost upon this earth, there would be no rest for them. They would watch everything they saw and have no rest, lots of tears and heartaches, anger, etc. Impossible for the Bible is God's word and he does not lie.

Even the unsaved cannot walk upon this earth or look down upon it from hell where they go immediately upon death. They do not sleep. How do I know? The Bible says so. Jesus told a  parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. The Lazarus dies and goes to Abraham's bosom asleep. The Rich Man dies and goes to hell. He raises his gaze and sees Lazarus in Abraham's bosom. Well, the people in hell will be able to see their loved ones in heaven because that will be part of their punishment added to the pain and suffering of hell fire and brimstone.

THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS GHOSTS! So what are all those sightings? Familiar spirits.

Familiar spirits take on the appearance of someone the person is connected to and cannot seem to turn loose after their loved one dies. Other spirits are the angels of God moving around tending to God's children. Others belong to the devil, out to wreak destruction to the people whether they be God's children or those who follow himself.

I apologize to those who really believe their dead loved ones are watching over them. It is not true. These believers need to read the Bible. The Bible tells you everything you need to know. You will find answers to How to live your life, What happens to people when they die, Will the world end one day, What is our purpose down here, Is the life on earth all there is for a person, and so many other questions like...Is there really a God? What is he really like? If God is a god of love, how can he send people to hell for eternal punishment?

READ THE BIBLE! You soul is to precious to rest your case on the word of preachers, teachers, evangelists, laymen, deacons, brother, sister, mother, father, aunt, uncle...well you get the picture, right? These people can tell you many things, but you have to still go to the Lord for your soul to be saved. YOU WILL NOT BE PRAYED OUT OF PURGATORY!

Though the Lord died and visited Paradise, the place no longer exists because since He preached to those souls and gave them a chance to accept him as their saviour and go on to heaven, people now have that choice while living upon this earth and no longer need wait until death. In fact, I advise you not to wait until death. Remember the old saying that a tree lies as it falls? this means that if you die saved, you stay saved and go to heaven. If you die lost, you stay lost and go to hell.

People, stop telling yourself lies. When asked are you ready to meet God? A person will say yes whether they have went through the preliminaries of accepting salvation or not. The preliminaries are simple. REPENT, ask God to forgive you your sins and don't do them anymore. He's there to give you the strength to not do them anymore. BE BAPTIZED IN THE NAME OF JESUS FOR REMISSION OF YOUR SINS. Be baptized as John baptized immersion. The whole body goes under IN THE NAME OF JESUS. This is a symbolic death that washes away your sins and you should come up a new creature in Christ. Scripture says "in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit." What name is that? Why, Jesus Christ. Jesus is God in the flesh, the son of God because God overshadowed Mary and planted the seed for his human flesh in her, and Jesus is also the holy spirit fir he told his disciples that if he didn't go away back to heaven, then he couldn't send the comforter who is the holy spirit to them. Recall how those disciples could not begin preaching, teaching and baptizing until they received the Holy Ghost with tongues of fire over their heads and strange languages uttered by their tongues?


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I mourn...

for today's youth. Young men who don't want to work, but will work hard to find a woman who will work and bring home the money. Young women who have babies they don't want then abuse them as though the whole affair is their fault.

Whose fault is this?

Is it the fault of those who put parents who discipline their children in jail?

Is it the fault of parents who sit by and do nothing when their children need their guidance?

Is it the fault of the freedom children have been given to call 911 or another number when being chastised so the parents are punished and the child removed from a loving home?

Is it the devil's fault?

I can lay blame on each of these situations, but mostly on the fact that once my generation grew up and had families, people's ideas changed so much that they began to feel the children could raise themselves, that sparing the rod in chastising the guilty would be better for the child, that making them sit out would give them time to think things through.

Think about this.

What would happen if the government would take their hands off the family unit and allow the parents to rear their children as they see fit? Immediately I can almost hear people asking loudly, "What about the parents who abuse their children?"

Back when I first became an adult, I would hear from time to time how teachers at school or people at church would find proof of a child being abused and would info the authorities. I think this is still a good way of bringing into the open parents who abuse their children because for this to be reported there would have to be signs of abuse. But when the child calls in such a report, well...that's another situation entirely.

I have known children who called in such reports and got their parents in jeopardy of going to jail simply because they didn't like their parents, didn't respect them and didn't want to be made to obey. What a perfect way for the devil to split up a family. God puts a lot of store by the family unit so the devil has to try to destroy it. The devil has done a good job of it wouldn't you say?

God gave parents the responsibility of rearing their children, teaching them right from wrong, loving them, teaching them about God, teaching them to respect their elders, teaching them about life and what to expect as they grow up. He did not give this responsibility to the government, to the welfare, to the police, to the mayor, the president, the preacher or anyone else you can think of. Ultimately, the parent will have to face God and give an accounting of his/her actions regarding the responsibilities God gave each.

What can parents do since they are threatened by authorities when they do correct their children? All I can say is pray, pray, pray.

God gave parents the instruction to chastised their children when they did wrong. He told us that if we spared the rod we would lose our child. Well, look around you. The good parents have lost their children because they have been forced to spare the rod. You see, pain from a belt or switch is what will make a child refrain from doing wrong. Do you think that perhaps if the punishments for abuse were stricter then parents would learn what they would suffer if they abused their children?

The only answer for us is putting God first. Put him in your families minds by making him first in your lives. Listen to the Word and obey it. Love and worship God for he is here for anyone who will put him first. Time is short. Parents pray for those children who have turned away from you and away from God. Time is short. The Lord can come back for his people any time.